A Journey Through Skyrim

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About A Journey Through Skyrim

"A Journey Through Skyrim" is a piece of fan fiction created for entertainment and not for profit.  Skyrim, the game and it's story are © Bethesda Game Studios/Zenimax Media.

The story follows one man, our player character: Kol as he embarks on a series of adventures created for players in Skyrim. Some actions are done on PC through the use of mods and do not necessarily represent gameplay. Artistic license was also taken to combine story elements, shorten or extend dialogue and personalize the experience to this particular role playing experience.

We highly recommend any fan of RPG's pick up the game and experience it for yourself. The mariad of adventures and possibilites can hardly be presented through one version of one playthrough. It is available on XBox, PS3 and PC.

This work would not be possible without the hard work from it's creators at Bethesda, so Thank You to them.  We also want to take time to recognize the fan community that enriches this game through Mods they create.  Both the Steam Workshop and Skyrim Nexus were used in creation of this work and it could not have been done without them.  Thank you.

A Journey Through Skyrim' is fanfiction based on the game Skyrim and playthrough of the game, which is © by Bethesda Games/Zenimax Studios. This is a not for profit work done for entertainment purposes.