A Journey Through Skyrim

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A Journey Through Skyrim, Chapter Four: Proving Honor

Comic #71

Uploaded by Xaraan at 23:47 on 27 August


Regarding RSS Feeds

Gravatar Posted 13:28
Tue 21 August
by Xaraan

To keep up with the latest issues of the comic, you can always follow me on twitter: twitter.com/jeremyshane or use the RSS buttons here. Two different options for you there though, if you use the RSS button for the entire comic - the one that displays on the lower sidebar - it will RSS you every page as I upload it I believe. This can be good if you don't use RSS for much else, or have it set up for a comic reader app, but a second options is to subscribe to the news RSS. I'll post a news alert each week when the issue is released. This way you will only get one alert for the comic (instead of for each page) every week. Thanks for reading!

Issue #3: Time of Need is out!

Gravatar Posted 13:21
Tue 21 August
by Xaraan

Anytime a new issue comes out, you can click "Archives" and go directly to the first page of that issue. Or in this case, use this link: http://skyrimjourney.theouthousers.com/?id=47

A Journey Through Skyrim' is fanfiction based on the game Skyrim and playthrough of the game, which is © by Bethesda Games/Zenimax Studios. This is a not for profit work done for entertainment purposes.