A Journey Through Skyrim

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A Journey Through Skyrim, Chapter Eight: For Kodlak, pt. 2

Comic #168

Uploaded by Xaraan at 10:44 on 25 September


Mod Rundown, Part 2

Gravatar Posted 18:15
Thu 20 September
by Xaraan

The Second installment of our mod rundown for the comic is out, covering most of the other equipment you might see in the background so far in the series http://www.theouthousers.com/index.php/columns/118029-a-journey-through-skyrim-mod-rundown-part-2.html

A Journey Through Skyrim, Chapter Seven: For Kodlak, pt. 1 is out

Gravatar Posted 13:33
Tue 18 September
by Xaraan

Latest issue (with epilogue) is out- http://skyrimjourney.theouthousers.com/?id=144
I have to give an extra shout out to the writers at Bethesda for this issue. Though they deserve thanks for every single issue since the story is based on their game and dialogue, I used Kodlak's Journal as a narrative overlaying the background story in this issue to do something a little different to break up the story telling style a bit. If you play the game and search Kodlak's room, you'll find his journal, with your name in it, in his nightstand.

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