A Journey Through Skyrim

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A Journey Through Skyrim, Chapter Seven: For Kodlak, pt. 1

Comic #144

Uploaded by Xaraan at 01:10 on 18 September


A Journey Through Skyrim Mod Rundown, part 1

Gravatar Posted 14:43
Thu 13 September
by Xaraan

Interested in what mods are used in the webcomic? I started a multi-part series (due to the amount of mods used) that will be running few several weeks every thursday. Here is a link to the first part: http://www.theouthousers.com/index.php/columns/117897-a-journey-through-skyrim-mod-rundown-part-one.html

Issue #6: If By Moonlight out

Gravatar Posted 16:37
Wed 12 September
by Xaraan

Issue six is now out, featuring the first chapter of the Hunted epilogues at the end. Use this link or the archives to jump to issue six: http://www.skyrimjourney.theouthousers.com/?id=121

A Journey Through Skyrim' is fanfiction based on the game Skyrim and playthrough of the game, which is © by Bethesda Games/Zenimax Studios. This is a not for profit work done for entertainment purposes.